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101 Men's Fashion Tips

Thursday 16th June, 2011 by Daniel Johnson

101 Men’s Fashion Tips

Lists make life easier. As men we love to quantify things and Men's Style can be quantified just like our favourite cars can. We've put together a list of 101 Men's fashion tips for some of the most commonly asked questions regarding fashion, what to wear and how to dress. Can fat men dress well? YES, if they know the rules. Can short guys dress well? Certainly, if they know the rules. Can I wear white trousers. No.
  1. Getting the correct fit of clothing is paramount to every aspect of your image.
  2. Men are highly attracted to women who wear Red & red is said to be a ‘passionate and fiery colour’. However it’s been noticed that women are more attracted to men who wear BLUE.
  3. When you’re wearing a suit always make sure your shirt is a lighter colour than your suit. This is an ideal way of maintaining a ‘slimming effect’.
  4. Navy, grey & black suits should be the staple of your tailoring. You’ll have a suit for every occasion & you won’t waste money on fads.
  5. 92% of women prefer a man who they consider to be ‘well dressed’.
  6. When you’re not at work don’t look like the typical city boy, don your suit with a pair of suede shoes and a casual T-shirt for a classic relaxed look.
  7. Rich leather works really well with chunky knit wool.
  8. Denim Shorts work just as well as jeans in summer.
  9. Boots - Instead of stuffing your jeans inside your boots, either fold up or roll the bottom of your jeans tightly, you’ll also be showing off your boots.
  10. Don’t put your sunglasses on your head. It bends the arms of the glasses, stresses the frames and then they’ll sit badly and crooked on your face.
  11. Rather than wearing your shorts really long, roll up your shorts like you would the bottoms of your jeans & wear with a nautical striped T-shirt – ultimate classic cool.
  12. Distinguish your best fit. Know your favourite style. Avoid trends and fads and you’ll create your own signature look that people will kill for.
  13. Denim should be washed as little as is possible. Denim is a ‘twist’ fabric and becomes weak with washing & loses its colour. Dry clean only.
  14. Red and Green Should never be seen.
  15. Colour is best used with accessories such as a tie, pocket square and scarves or in the finer details such as in the check shirt on a casual shirt. 
  16. Darker skin tones can get away with brighter colours. The darker your skin, the bolder you can go!
  17. Pale skin suits very light colours or soft colours that have an element of grey.
  18. Big, bold men should wear a broader knot in their neck tie.
  19. A one or two button suit is very slimming around the waist.
  20. Your socks should always be the same colour as your trousers to make your legs appear longer, consequently making you look taller.
  21. Never wear horizontal stripes from head to toe – it’s over powering and gordey. Use them subtly in a t-shirt or a smart shirt mixed with plain trousers.
  22. It’s always better to wear your jeans in a darker colour to your shirt or top half. It helps you look taller.
  23. Short guys should avoid wearing anything baggy or loose fitting – it will make you look shorter.
  24. Don’t wear socks with sandals unless you want to look like an American tourist.
  25. The ‘D’ shaped belt holes on trench coats was designed by Thomas Burberry so that the wearer could attach grenades to them.
  26. Don’t squander a fortune on new denim shorts. Chop off your old jeans but leave some extra length to roll the shorts up, covering the tatty hems.
  27. Make like Dolce and Gabbana – Wear a tux jacket with beaten up jeans.
  28. Midnight blue tuxedo’s are a good alternative to black.
  29. Plain white plimsolls work very well with khaki or chino shorts.
  30. Blue and Green should sometimes be seen.
  31. During world war 2 it was a criminal offence for tailors to put turn ups on trousers.
  32. The cut of your jeans should work for your proportion and not the whims of fashion
  33. A linen suit is ideal for summer. The best linen comes from the emerald isle of Ireland.
  34. Apparently, Edward VIII ordered a midnight blue tuxedo because under artificial light it looks ‘blacker than black’.
  35. The ‘Prince of Wales check’ was named after Edward VII not Edward VIII as many people think.
  36. Both peak lapels and a shawl collar are equally accepted on a formal tuxedo.
  37. Patent or highly polished shoes are the only thing to wear with a dinner jacket. Anything else will look dirty under artificial light.
  38. A gentleman should always own an umbrella.
  39. The collective term for a group of tailors is a ‘disguisery’ of tailors.
  40. The most versatile colour of suit is dark grey. Office, drinks, with jeans, wedding, funeral…
  41. Chelsea boots work incredibly well with a suit. Hence the phrase ‘suited and booted’.
  42. It’s still a ‘faux-pas’ to see a man’s leg or ankle when he sits down and his trousers ride up the shin. Make sure your socks are long enough.
  43. Your accessories should always match in colour. Watch, cufflinks, tie clip & belt buckle.
  44. Match the colour of your belt to the colour of your shoes. If you’re carrying a bag, match that too.
  45. Your tie should finish between your belly button and the top of your trousers. It should never touch the belt line or finish too high up your torso.
  46. When wearing a two button suit – only fasten the top button (this is because it will slim your waist down & because men will always put their hands in their pockets
  47. Wear a pocket square whenever you have the opportunity. It adds an element of distinction and taste to your look.
  48. Vary the colour of a pocket square to the colour of your tie.
  49. Matching the ‘intensity’ of a colour is paramount. A light grey suit works best with a light coloured tie. A dark suit suits brighter or a dark coloured tie.
  50. Don’t roll up the sleeves of a smart suit – only ever do this with a super casual blazer in a smart casual setting.
  51. Chivalry isn’t dead.
  52. Don’t wear black shoes with a light coloured suit. Stick to the intensity rule, light colours with light colours, dark colours with dark colours.
  53. Big bold men should stick to single, not double breasted suits.
  54. Carry a man bag – a notable gent shouldn’t carry his high school rucksack to his professional office.
  55. Undo two to three buttons on your casual shirt – any more than this and you’re name is Stringfellow.
  56. Large men shouldn’t wear high or round neck lines in any garment.
  57. Desert boots work well with rolled up chinos.
  58. Casual check shirts work well with a single colour tie. Match the colour of the tie to the most dominant colour of the check.
  59. Buff suede shoes with a soft nylon brush rather than with a wire brush.
  60. Shoe’s are best maintained when they’re cleaned every two weeks. Never wear the same shoes two days in a row – they’ll last much longer this way.
  61. If you’re proud of your shoes and you want people to notice them wear bright socks. Don’t make this your signature style though.
  62. ‘Double denim’ works best when you wear jeans that are a shade or two darker than a denim shirt.
  63. Always leave the bottom button of a cardigan undone – it gives you a slimmer waist.
  64. Whether Formal, Smart, Smart casual or totally casual, always allow the cuffs of your shirt to show under your jacket or blazer.
  65. Be a man about it. Wearing pink works if you do it right, a pink shirt under a grey suit is a belting look, or for that matter a grey cardigan.
  66. In America it’s normal for the diagonal stripes on a tie to run from the wearers right to the left. In the UK, diagonal stripes run from the wearers left to the right.
  67. Make a double breasted trench much more slimming by folding the lapels back and wearing the collar up.
  68. Dark brown brogues and dark blue jeans with a turn up are a classic look.
  69. If you have a thick neck, double chin or a short neck, wear the collar up on your coats for an instantly slimming look.
  70. Wearing Cream and White together produces a very expensive look.
  71. Never leave your shirt collar un-ironed. The John Travolta ‘my collar touches my shoulders’ look starts with Saturday night fever and will always end in tears.
  72. Nautical blue and white stripes work well with denim. A stripy T-shirt under a denim shirt is a modern classic.
  73. The quickest way to find a colour that suits you is to match the colour to your eyes. Then make the colour a similar intensity to your skin. Blue eyes and light skin? Light blue for you.
  74. Draping a scarf around your neck and letting it hang down your torso is a great way to slim down a rotund chest and belly.
  75. Double breasted jackets work better with a wide tie and wide fitting trousers. 
  76. In colour psychology purple is regal and expensive. Wear a purple tie with a dark grey suit and you’ll be heads and shoulders above the crowd.
  77. Vary the texture & colour of your tie and your pocket square. Matching the tie to the pocket square can look too try-hard.
  78. Penny loafers are named as such because American collegiate stuck a shiny new penny in the slit at the front to brag of their wealth.
  79. It’s quite common for Italians to wear their watch over the cuff of their shirts.
  80. Wear a larger scale of pattern on a pocket square or handkerchief  than in your tie.
  81. Ralph Lauren didn’t invent the polo shirt. He simply stuck a polo player on an already existing garment, a garment that René Lacoste wore for tennis and which had already been on sale for 33 years before Ralph Lauren was founded.
  82. A ‘smoking jacket’ was the jacket which men changed into for the sole purpose of going for a smoke. It was worn so the women wouldn’t have to smell the smoke when the man changed back into his dinner jacket.
  83. Skinny trousers make skinny men look taller.
  84. Wear what you wear because you like it, not to impress other people. The only time you should conform to obligations is when the occasion demands it.
  85. Denim and chunky wool work really well together – throw a short chunky knit scarf around your neck and wear with a denim shirt.
  86. Large men should avoid turn ups on their trousers – the horizontal line adds width. Vertical lines are better.
  87. Wear shirts with pockets to cover up man boobs.
  88. Large men should avoid wearing football shirts – their glossy material catches the light, draws attention to the size of the torso but worst of all makes a large man look larger.
  89. Extra Virgin Olive oil is one of the best natural moisturisers. Apply a small splash after shaving to help prevent dry skin, ingrown hairs and shaving rash.
  90. If you’ve got skinny arms buy long sleeved casual shirts and roll the sleeves up to make your arms appear brawnier.
  91. Men with slim faces suit hats better than men with big round faces.
  92. Short cropped hair works well on men with round faces where as long hair adds the unwanted appearance of mass to the face.
  93. Stick to the necessary things you need in your wallet. Drivers License, one or two bank cards, a photo of someone close to you, donor card and some paper money. You needn’t fill it up with discount cards, receipts, a million business cards (you have a smart phone don’t you?).
  94.  Colour is best worn near your face
  95. Try to push out of your comfort zone once in a while – don’t stick to the same old things.
  96. Always wear a belt: it’s not just for keeping your trousers up it adds detail. As men we have little opportunity to dress in a variety of outfits like women, it’s the details that make the difference.
  97. ALWAYS try clothes on in the fitting room because you need to know if they fit 101%.
  98. Wide legged jeans or trousers help balance out a beer belly.
  99. Put talc on your feet before putting on your socks and shoes. This is especially true in summer.
  100. Buy slightly more expensive quality garments that will last and you won’t have to keep replacing the same garment. This is a major point and strongly supports the very first tip;
  101. Getting the correct fit of clothing is paramount to every aspect of your image.



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Navy blue suit, pale blue shirt and pale blue tie with a delicate dark blue pattern and a silver/grey paisley pattern pocket square ?

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