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Braun Waterflex Review

Tuesday 14th October, 2014 by Daniel Johnson

I've had a go with quite a range of Braun shavers now and each one is built seemingly to achieve a specific purpose - shaping body hair, a close shave and so forth. However the latest model I've had a go with is the waterflex. Based on name alone you'd assume this razor is for use in the wet, those rushed mornings-to-get-out-the-house-shaving-in-the-shower-type-of-mornings. Well, thats sort of true. 

Now, I have a beard, but those beardy types amongst you will know a beard takes a hell of alot more maintenance than a wetshave, trimming, shaping, clean shaving are all part of keeping a man kempt and not like a hobo. When I'm using a shaver I dont just look for the closest, cleanest cut I look for a well rounded ability to do all of these things. So taking a 'waterflex' left me wondering how well this would cope with what I was after.


Compared with other models this doesn't look great on the bathroom shelf, compared with the Braun Series 7 which I reviewed some time ago this one looks basic and cumbersome. However, this said its simple and the waterproofing means it travels well and fits in my wash bag.


This is the crucial bit. I'm looking for 3 things - ease of use, ease to shave and trim, time/effort required. Let's start with ease of use - I was very sirprised here, I'm going to compare it to the series 7 which in my eyes was a flagship shaver, but the waterflex came out better. In either wet of dry shaving it simply felt better on the skin and was so much easier to shave the parts of the beard I wanted rid of. That brings me to the trimmer part of the shaver - this gives a more accurante cut too seemingly. The angle of the trimmer is just so that its easier to control and see where you're cutting. All this considered its an easy to use and accurate shaver in either wet or dry. Time and effort? Pretty much to a minimum and the best of the range so far.


Because of its smaller size the Waterflex handles great - its easy to twist and turn and crucially the smaller streamlined shape gives much better visibility as to where you're shaving.


Pretty much the same as any other model but the noticeable thing is the size, smaller but a similar weight to other Braun shavers.


Features are as you would expect - trimmer for the finer parts and a shaver for a complete facewipe of face fuzz. But you can use it in the shower. Like I mentioned earlier the fact you can use it both in dry and wet conditions and still get the same result is a huge plus point for me - if I'm in a rush or taking time out on a sunday morning it deosnt make a difference - great results.


Use it in the shower - cleaning done.

Battery Life

I've had this shaver for about month now and only charged it once, I use it every morning for about 4 or 5 minutes.


Closign thoughts? This is my favourite of the range, simply for its versatility and its results - it surpasses the other shavers. Again, this is surprising because the aim of the shaver is to be used in the shower - but delivers results far better all round.



Posted 1 year ago.

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