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How to Choose an Electric Shaver

Monday 3rd August, 2015 by Daniel Johnson

A modern convenience often solves many problems at once. 

Take for example a credit card - it used to just pay for things at the til. Now it gives you mobile phone insurance, get's you gig tickets and a number of other advantages that the competetion doesn't offer. The inconvenient truth about most upto date technology, conveniences and products is that you just can't take any at face value. 

You need a credit card? Sure, do you need worldwide travel insurance? How about 10% off at retailers you never use? Loyalty points that you'll never have enough of to get something worthwhile? The point is, when you buy something for it's convenience it often ends up being more stressful because of all of the options that come with it. Cue, the electric shaver debate. You just want some thing straight forward, not with gadgets galore that you'll never use.

I must have tested all of them so I've got a damn good view of the market place. The ones I reviewed here by braun are just a snip of the ones I currently own, the waterflex, cruzer 6, series 7 are just a couple. Here in lies the debate, you want an electric shaver to save you time in the morning and to be able to travel with. Thats a pretty simple brief and applies to most men I know, even if thats not you then the convenience is surely worthwhile. 

My needs are simple - something lightweight with great battery life, that fits into my washbag for travel, cuts the hair close, cuts accurately, allows some styling of facial hair and doesn't weigh a tonne. So, the latest addition to my collection is the Braun Series 9. My benchmark for all Braun shavers is still the waterflex which I love because it meets the brief really well.

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

New features to the series 9;

LED Display - This is really useful because I know how much battery life their is left. All previous models just blink red or some colour and then give up mid shave and drag the hairs out of your face. I like this feature.

Locking Head Mechanism - More of an annoyance than a solution because I've found myself clicking it out of action because the button sits right on your thumb when holding it. I don't see the need to lock the head in place, I've had a much better shave result with the flexi head.

Cutting Mechanism - This new edition has a bulked up head with 'supersonic technology'. I hope they didnt spend too much developing it because I cant tell the difference, apart from the fact that the hard to shave areas are even harder due to the new size. The price of replacement foils is about the same as any other shaver, around £20 which should last about 6 months.

Weight - Heavier than my trusty waterflex.

Size - Doesn't fit in my travel washbag. That means it will stay at home and won't travel with me.

Battery Life - Awesome. Most braun products are great on battery life. I've had my series 9 testing for the last 2 weeks and haven't recharged it yet.


Do you need the extras that you'll never use? No. I'll be sticking with the waterflex for now, but I would love if they could incorporate the LED screen to the smaller, lighter and more accurate waterflex and mix that with the cutting prowess of the Cruzer5 clean shave (which is still the best shaving result of all the shavers by far). If Braun could do that then I think you'd be left with the ultimate all rounder in electric shavers.



Posted 2 months ago.

The Braun line of electric shavers are great, but they are all "foil" shavers - I don't see any "rotary" type shavers mentioned in this article. May I suggest the Philips Smart Series 9000 as a completing electric shaver -

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