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How to take care of your skin in winter

Wednesday 9th November, 2011 by Dr Josh Zeichner

I don't think there’s such a thing as perfect weather for your skin: When it’s humid, skin can be too oily. When it’s cold, skin can get too dry. Still, there are ways to prep your skin to face the challenges of any season, particularly those related to shaving.

Here are some tips to prep your skin for a better winter shave: 

1) Stay hydrated. Drink. Drink. Drink. Filling up on eight glasses of water per day may seem like a challenge, but you really need to quench thirsty winter skin. 

2) Avoid over-washing. Don’t wash your face in the showerand before shaving. Too much soap and water can over-dry your skin.

3) Skip the toner. Toners work well to remove excess oil from the skin, but it can lead to skin irritation when applied to dry winter skin that actually needs that extra oil. 

4) Use soap-free cleanser. 

Soaps contain surfactants that can remove skin oils that you need to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Just like toners, soaps may be abrasive during the winter. If your skin can’t tolerate soap, think about the non-soap cleansers that may be milder for you.

5) Don’t forget pre- and post-shaving care. 
Always shave after showering. Moisture-softened whiskers are easier to cut than hard ones, regardless of the season. Use shaving gel and take light razor strokes. Then, finish with a heavier cream moisturizer (as opposed to a light lotion) to hydrate your dry skin. 


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