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Hows your beard behaving?

Saturday 14th January, 2017 by Daniel Johnson

Is Your Beard Naughty or Nice?

The holidays are upon us once more. Between shopping, work, social engagements and preparing for the holidays, there never seems to be enough time to do everything you need to. Yet somehow, you make it happen, just like you always do. Sure, you might be running the candle on both ends and some days, you're just too exhausted to do much of anything, but you make it work. Unfortunately, this is when a lot of men’s beards go from being well trimmed and maintained to wildly out of control.

Proper Beard Care Takes Only A Few Minutes

You’ve got your all natural beard balms and own some of the best beard care products money can buy, but if you’re not using them, they won’t do you any good. The key to a successful, well maintained beard is routine care. If you’ve been skipping your care routine or are skipping steps, you might find your beard is getting a little unruly. If this is the case, you simply use a little beard oil to help remoisturize your beard and underlying skin, helping you regain control of your beard. If you don’t have any, hop on over to an online retailer, like Lovely Beards, and pick some up. They carry some of the best organic beard oil on the market that can help you “soothe the savage beast”.

Once you’ve gotten your beard back under control, it’s going to be easy to care for, just like it was before the holidays. Just remember, half of your beard care routine is something that can be done in the shower, and only takes a minute or two to do. If you’re running short on time, you can use an organic beard oil and all natural beard balms to help keep your beard controlled, healthy, and strong



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