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Why you will want a monthly luxury box.

Tuesday 7th July, 2015 by Daniel Johnson

Opening a letter in the post, with human handwriting on the front is akin to opening presents at christmas as a child. There is an enormous sense of wonder and joy as the paper is torn backwards to reveal the well curated bundle of happiness inside. It's the 'not knowing' whats been sent that really grabs you, it's as exciting to open this parcel just as opposingly dull it is to return new clothes to the retailer.

It's in this gesture of gift giving I've come to understand the appeal of the latest trend in well curated monthly 'gift boxes'. Up until recent years the choice of a monthly delivery was a selection typically consisting of cheese, wine or fruit. The onset, or revival we must say of menswear and mens grooming has spurred a demand for such monthly boxes from men world wide. 

Personally I've never felt the need to dive in to a once a month receipt of a selection of endless new grooming products or luxury accessories for men. Somehow I felt it was like giving in to direct marketing when I could infact (or so I thought) pick out the best products for myself. However, when my front door bell rings and the postman says he has a parcel, that all too unfamiliar feeling of joy and not knowing begins to beckon. I've closed the door and torn the plastic parcel open to reveal a grey box containing a collection of well perfumed unknowns.

Did I enjoy it? Without doubt. But what did I get, what I had I been sent? Rip, tear, reveal!

 Luxury Barber Box - Whats inside

Now I must admit - I had used a couple of products, completely forgetting to photograph them all - I was quite eager, like, a kid at christmas.

After initially opening the box you hit another emotion, that of being let down, followed by, 'that's amazing! How did I not know about this!', and the process repeats a little until you settle down and figure out the good from the bad.

Now not everything in the box can be useful to you, thats the risk here for example the Towel Dry  thickening shampoo is useless for my hair as it's super thick already. As is the shaving cream and razor blades (I have a beard). That said, I give the products that I can't use to my friend and the rest I tuck into. 

I'm not reviewing everything here but here's the best surprises;

Brickell facial moisturiser was especially a surprise - great aroma and almost like a hyaluronic acid moisturiser (by the way that stuff is amazing, despite word acid being involved). The only trouble was getting it out of the hard bottle - but once its out and on your face it's good stuff.

I forgot to photograph the most amazing moisturiser, menaji aftershave hydrator , (available on amazon in the UK) - it made my skin look years younger after using it for 2 days. I've been using nivea for years and thought it was the best out there - seems I was wrong.

As a bearded chap I found the blades grim "smoulder pre-shave" to be a great beard oil - I use it almost like a daily moisturiser for my beard, just a drop in a morning relaxes the bristles.

The biggest surprise of the box was the balla body powder. I thought it was old school talcum powder that I was made to use after going to swimming lessons, but it isn't. It's got a very high end smell to it - I put it on my feet in a morning now as I pound the streets of London's Mayfair as a personal stylist.

All told, I'm a convert to receiving a luxury barber box once a month, I've found products I'd walk straight past in the drug store and even found out that an acid moisturiser makes you look younger and doesn't burn your face off.



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