What is the Rules of Style.com?

The TheRulesofStyle.com is the men's style guide. No matter what your age, income or lifestyle is the Rules of Style are here to provide you with men's fashion tips to get you looking your absolute best, all the time. We deal with everything for you, men's fashion trends, men's fashion advice, men's style, it's all in one place no matter who you are or what you think you look like.

What makes us unique is that we deliver completely bespoke style advice to you in a well presented physical format that we've make that affordable, unlike a traditional image consultant that isn't worth their salt. get your own style guide here.

We’ve created an array of different features to make every aspect of style very simple. If you want to know what ‘key garments’ are in fashion, how to dress well and for general style advice with experts from professional personal stylists, personal shoppers and the best image consultants then we can tell you in the Style section. If you want to know how to look sharp and get your grooming right we have expert grooming advice in the Grooming section.  If you’d like to speak to your own real life professional stylist then you can Contact a stylist who can help you with all your fashion tips and advice. If you’d like to talk to your stylist direct, store all your favourite looks in one place, view & download your own personal style guide the you can Register and have your own personal Fitting room.


What is the Style Consultation App?

The style consultation app has been created to make having a ‘Style Consultation’ affordable. A style consultation helps a client understand what clothes work for them, such as, how many buttons you should wear on a suit, what’s the best fit of jeans for you, what colours you should be wearing and so on. The Style consultation app has been built to accommodate all these things.

So that our perosnal stylists can compile your personal style guide we need to know your ‘attributes’, such as your face shape, your body type, the colour of your eyes and so on. Then we will generate for you a, ‘Custom, Bespoke Style guide’. Start your consultation by clicking here.


What is a Custom, Bespoke Style Guide?

When a personal stylist has completed a style consultation, it’s good practice for the Stylist to leave the client with a detailed guide that shows visually what the personal stylist has discussed with the client. This is exactly what a style guide is. When you use the style consultation app online we use that information to decide the things that will suit you as an individual such as the colours that suit you best, the best cuts of jeans, the best necklines for your face, the best collar shapes for your shirts and more….

Basically, a style guide answers the question, “What suits me?”

Get your very own, Custom, Bespoke Style guide by clicking here


What is a Lookbook?


The Rules of Style lookbook is a collection of looks that are put in one place to show the current trends in fashion. At the Rulesofstyle.com we have the benefit of not being tied to any brands and not having contracts with retailers so this means we can do our job as ‘Personal Stylists’ and choose the best garments from all the retailers and put the looks together, just for you. This is a feature that we'll be introducing in the near future.


Why should I contact a Stylist?

Contacting a stylist is a simple, quick and effective way to get all your questions answered directly. You literally have your VERY OWN personal stylist. We charge a premium for this as the advice you will receive is solid. We care about all our clients and we only ever give out advice that has been well researched and in some cases discussed by a number of stylists so that we can give you the absolute best advice we can. If you'd like to you can Contact a Stylist here


What is my fitting room?

Your fitting room is your own personal area at the RulesofStyle.com. In your fitting room you can save looks from the lookbook, store and download your very own custom, bespoke style guide and contact your stylist directly. We’ll also save the conversations between you and your personal stylist here too. To create your own area, your own fitting room you'll need to Register


What is a personal Stylist?

In the old days you’d get image consultants, in this day and age image consultants seem to be of a certain age and generally discuss theory with other image consultants. The problem with theory is that it doesn’t have any style, passion or flare. That's why nowadays you need a personal stylist. Personal stylists know all the theory that image consultants do but they have the style, the passion, flare and ability to suit your personality through your clothes, to make you an individual, to make you look your absolute best. Contact a Personal Stylist.


Can I book a personal Stylist?

Of course you can. We have a partnership scheme with Daniel Johnson Style Consultancy, Daniel is one of our writers and founded The Rules of Style, have a read of the brochure or get in touch through their company website.


Can I join the Rules of Style Team?

YES! We're always looking for writers, bloggers, stylists, admin staff and if you think you've got something to offfer we might consider a partnership. If you'd like to work with us email your CV to info@therulesofstyle.com or alternatively send us an email through our contact form. All other emails should be directed to info@therulesofstyle.com