Shipping our Products

We ship world wide and it's FREE.

The cost of shipping is included in the price you pay for any of our products. 

Thats right. Whatever product you purchase from us we'll ship it world wide and we won't add anything onto the cost. We've shipped our products off to every continent on the globe and they've always got there on time.

Your personal style guide will be sent first class if you're in the UK, or if not we send your personal style guide by airmail so that it gets to you as soon as it can

Here are our approximate delivery times*;

UK  Next working day / 2 working days
WESTERN EUROPE Within 3 working days
EASTERN EUROPE Within 5 working days
REST OF WORLD Within 7 working days


*In Accordance with Royal Mail Guidelines. Delivery times may vary around christmas time due to demand however in most cases deliveries are 
made within the guidelines.