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What is a Style Guide for Men?

A style guide for men is a personal style guide that is constructed just for you by our team of personal stylists. All the information contained in your style guide is written just for you so that you know exactly what clothes, colours and styles suit you, it's just like having your very own team of personal stylists.

To make sure that your style guide for men is made just for you we invite you to take your personal style consultation where we use all of your personal attributes to give you the best and most accurate personal advice that we can. Our style consultation system uses our unique mens body shape analysis to determine exactly what clothes fit your shape best.

In your style guide our team of mens stylists will include personal style tips for men. Our style tips give you ideas about how to make your look unique and how to enhance your own personal style, image and body shape. We also assess your skin colour, eye colour and hair colour to answer the question, 'what colour suits me' by providing you with a full colour palette to use in ties, scarves and any other garment you wish and we'll also tell you your best shirt & suit colours.

Whats inside a Style Guide for men?

How a Style Guide is made

Our personal stylists construct your style guide just for you, find out how it works

Style Consultation

We compile your style guide after you've taken your personal style consultation

Mens Body Shape

We use our unique system to compile your style guide based on your mens body shape

Style Tips for Men

To give you a unique style thats personal to you our stylists provide mens style tips

What Colour suits me?

Your skin, eye and hair colour is used to answer the question 'what colour suits me?'

Free Designer Bracelet 

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