How it Works

Every Style Guide we make is bespoke for each customer.

The Rules of Style was started to provide men with affordable personal style advice rather than generic rubbish. The site began with humble roots in the form of a blog and developed into what we now know as 'the mens's style guide'. In the old days you'd pay hundreds of pounds or dollars for a personal consultation and you'd recieve a tatty 5 page book.


You'll recieve a beautifully printed, shiny, professional personal style guide made up of 40 pages of bespoke style advice. How do we make them bespoke? Like this;

1. Purchase your style guide

2. Take Your Consultation

You can take a consultation in one of two ways;

A) The Style consultation App     -or-     B) Submit two photographs to our mens style consultants


3. We compile your style guide

Our expert mens style consultants put together all of the relevant information for you and create a pdf which we'll then email to you.


4. We Print, Package and Deliver your Style guide.

Our mens style consultants then send your compiled guide off to the printers. At the printers your personal style guide is printed, bound into its cover and then packaged off to your door, here's one hot off the press!

Get started now!


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