Mens Body Shape

When choosing garments that suit you, your body shape is the most important aspect.

When you see a man that's well dressed it's simple to see why. Not only are his clothes the correct size, they are also the correct FIT. This means that his jeans might be slim fitting or straight fitting, his suit might be in a tailored fit or a regular fit and the knit of his jumper might be fine or heavy. The way that these 'fits' are determined is through your body shape. 

The Rules of Style have classified mens body shapes in such a way to apply to men worldwide, more accurately and understandable than ever before.

This means our style experts can tell you EXACTLY what clothes suit you, whether that be the cut of your jeans or the number of buttons on your suit. This allows you the freedom to know just what to look for when you go shopping. Our style experts will include information on almost every garment of mens clothing; smart shirts, casual shirt,  so that you never feel lost in the shops again.

We understand that there is much more than just the fit to deal with, thats why every garment has its own set of mens style tips to tell you HOW to wear every garment that will help give you your signature look.


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