What Colour Suits me?

As part of your style guide for men we'll tell you what colour suits you best.

We use our unique system of colour analysis to accurately choose the colours of clothing that suit you best. We take into consideration your skin tone, the colour of your eyes and the colour of your hair. We'll then provide the information simply and accurately so you know how to use your best colours. 

When you recieve your style guide for men you'll recieve both a digital and a printed copy. A digital copy is good but a free printed copy is much better.

The Colour Palette's We Provide

What Colour Suits me? - Full Palette

Your full palette is a comprehensive and accurate way to provide you with exactly what colours suit you best. This gives you a choice of atleast 15 colours that suit you, your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.

What Colour Suits me? - Quick Palette

Your quick palette provides you with the 5 most prominent colours that work well for you. You might say that these are the colours that suit you best and that your full palette provides you with a much wider range of colour choices to suit you.

What Colour Suits me? - Shirt Colours Palette

As part of a complete wardrobe you'll have shirts in colours that suit your skin tone. You can wear a shirt on its own in a colour that suits you or you can mix a shirt up with a tie for a more formal look. Whatever look you go for it's important to have garments in colours that suit you. It's all included in your style guide.

What Colour Suits me? - Suit Colours Palette

The most elegant item a man can own is a suit. To look extra special in a suit you need to get the colours correct. We'll show you what colours suit you.

How to Use your best colours

It's all well and good that you know 'what colours suit me' but knowing what colours suit you is no good unless you know how to use them. We tell you exactly how the colours in YOUR PERSONAL colour palette work together.

How To use colour in an outfit

Once you know how to mix up colours and what colours suit you we'll tell you how to use those colours in an
outfit. All included in your mens style guide.


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